Astronomy Club Events

San Juan Night Sky Programs for 2018

Night-Sky Programs Held at Chimney Rock National Monument

All programs are on Friday Nights

Date               Type of Program          Gate Opens       Talk starts         Observing starts

June 08            Stars & Galaxies              6:30                        7:30                         9:00

July 22             Solar System                     6:30                        7:30                         9:00

July 13             Stars & Galaxies               6:30                        7:15                          8:30

July 20            Solar System                     7:30                         8:15                         9:00

Aug 10             Stars & Galaxies               7:00                        7:45                          8:30

Aug 17             Solar System                      7:00                       7:45                          8:30

Sept 07            Stars & Galaxies               6:30                        7:15                          8:00

Sept 22            Solar System                     6:15                         7:00                         7:45

These events are generally held at Chimney Rock Nat’l Monument just outside of Pagosa Springs, CO.

Chimney Rock charges a small fee to attend; used to fund this National Monument and keep this treasure

for others to enjoy for years to come. Contact Chimney Rock Interpretive Assoc for more info.

(3179 State HWY 151, Chimney Rock, CO 81121); (970) 883-5359

Members and volunteers of San Juan Stargazers are not charged this fee.


There is an outdoor program on the wonders of the night sky given by members and guest speakers of

San Juan Stargazers followed by use of the Chimney Rock telescopes set up for your viewing pleasure.

Times are not carved in granite and are subject to change if needed.

Hope to see you as often as possible.  You are needed to make the programs a success.

Thank You!  Thank You!   Thank You!


Check our event schedule and join us to ask your astronomy questions. Or email us at,
or call 970-335-8286.

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