Astronomy Resources

The following astronomy resources were compiled by San Juan Stargazers member Jerry Granok. Happy stargazing!

general astronomy information

Astronomical League

general space news


NASA’s picture of the day website, great for many astro photos

weather conditions for observing:

The US Weather Bureau 7-day spot forecast, in this case for Chimney Rock

The USWB hourly spot forecast, also for Chimney Rock,
great for showing clouds and precipitation

gateway to a two-day hour-by-hour forecast of conditions for astronomical viewing

The two-day hour-by-hour forecast of conditions for astronomical viewing specifically for Chimney Rock

It is also a gateway to a number to a number of sites with information on what is available for viewing. If you follow the links directly from the cleardarksky page, the query screens on the other sites are populated with the identity and location of the cleardarksky location.

  • The Sun and Moon Data link takes you to one of the pages of the US Naval Observatory data
    website which has many other data tables.
  • The Satellite Predictions link takes you to the Heavens-Above website which has other data tables besides satellite predictions.
  • The Star Map link brings up an all-sky map produced by the Your Sky program available at the website and can be highly customized.
  • The CalSky link takes you to the website which allows you to produce listings of astronomical events.
  • The Light Pollution map link brings up a screen derived from The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness that shows the sky brightness/darkness in a 183 mile by 230 mile rectangle
    centered on the cleardarksky location. It is helpful in choosing a place to observe from.

other useful astronomy sites:

The many NASA websites accessed from

The Hubble Space Telescope website

Some of the NOAA websites

For Auroras



All of this should get you started!


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