About the San Juan Stargazers


The San Juan Stargazers

This Astronomy club was established in 2012 by our founders Joan Mieritz and Jerry Granok.  The club is  part of the Astronomical League. We study all things having to do with astronomy and the night sky.  We do much of our work in association with Chimney Rock National Monument and Chimney Rock Interpretive Association. We hold Night Sky programs (see calendar) where we give a short program about the indigenous people of Chimney Rock and the surrounding areas along with information about the Solar System and the Stars and Galaxies; afterward we break out the telescopes and ENJOY the Night Sky with our guests and visitors to Chimney Rock.  Please feel free to become a part of our club or just stop by for a visit.  We love what we do and would love for you to join us!


Check our event schedule and join us to ask your astronomy questions. Or email us at sjStargazers@gmail.com,
or call 970-335-8286.

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