The San Juan Stargazers meet monthly in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and schedule events around guest speakers, astronomy topics, telescope information and astronomical events.

Anyone interested in astronomy is invited to attend!

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Learn About the Night Sky!

The San Juan Stargazers astronomy club is for all levels of interest in astronomy and the stars. Whether you are an experienced astronomer who wants to share your knowledge, or you are an astronomy novice who wants to learn about what you see in the night sky, you can find what you need with the San Juan Stargazers! Browse our recent articles and check for upcoming events. The San Juan Stargazers is a regional astronomy club with visitors from Pagosa Springs and surrounding areas.


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    We want everyone to mark your calendar for an extraordinary opportunity on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 5 PM.  We have an amazing scientist who
    Posted on July 28, 2018


  • ~ Addition to School Curriculum

    "I want to learn more about astronomy and there is no program at the school in Pagosa"

  • ~ What star is that?

    "I see things in the sky and wonder what I'm looking at. The San Juan Stargazers is a great way to learn about the stars and constellations visible in Pagosa"

  • ~ Astronomy Help!

    "I joined the San Juan Stargazers to get help from others with my telescope and to learn what is out there to see. How wonderful to have an astronomy club right here in Pagosa"

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